RYLSEE'S NEW SOLO SHOW "GREY ZONE" 20.09.2019-04.10.2019

After the success of his solo shows "Guess What"( in Tel Aviv and Annecy) and "Other Inbox" (Berlin), it was time for Rylsee to return to his hometown of Geneva to present a series of new works for his solo show called "GREY ZONE" .

Rylsee considers his work to be in a "grey zone": half way between street art and typography.

With "GREY ZONE", he is staying true to his trademark style: crossing over artistic mediums and styles often with a humorous aspect.

The exhibition itself takes the form of a game; each piece represents a word or an action, the only clue to the answer is the piece itself. The audience can interact with the pieces in order to solve the enigmas of the pieces. 

He did a an alphabet of mixed media pieces as well as another alphabet of original ink and paint drawings. 

Check out the trailer for some of his working processes

OPENING 20.09.2019 at Bahama Yellow, (GE)

The opening took place at Bahama Yellow, a  garage from the 60s that was transformed into a gallery. 

Situated close to Plainpalais - in the hustle and the bustle of Geneva- the location itself was chosen carefully.

Rylsee wanted to present his new solo show in an area which would be welcoming to people from all different walks of life. 

The opening and exhibition was sponsored various companies such as Caran d'Ache, Three Kids BagelChien Bleu Brasserie and MOLESKINE.

Photography by Gabriel Balague


Throughout the exhibition, Rylsee offered hand-lettering workshops. 

During the workshops, he shared the knowledge and his secret tricks that he has acquired in his career and will immerse the participants into his creative universe. 

The workshops in Geneva were sponsored by our partners Caran d'Ache and MOLESKINE

Picture by Gabriel Balague