Want to get to know the man behind the paintbrush? I sat down with Rylsee and asked him a set of questions that he conveniently has saved in his smartphone for those 'just in case' moments.But before we get to the 'hard' questions, here's a little info about Cyril Vouilloz aka Rylsee. Cyril was born in a town near Geneva, Switzerland. Since then he has lived in Vancouver, São Paulo and now resides in Berlin with his wife and daughter.

His art spans from doodling in his sketchbook to painting murals on 6 story buildings. Obsessed with letters - Rylsee pushes the boundaries and loves to make social commentary on the new technology and smartphone-driven world that we now live in. 

What started as a cure for boredom, has now turned into a successful art career. He has worked with brands such as Nike, Converse and HP as well as building his own businesses MYOS Berlin (Make Your Own Sign) and of course, SNEEER.

In 2017 he collaborated with Moleskin Publishing to illustrate his very own book 'How To Play With Letters'. Inside you will get a glimpse of what goes on in the playful universe of Rylsee's mind.

One of the original resident artists of Berlin's music and arts venue Urban Spree - Rylsee has made a lasting impression on the local artist community and loves to support it through collaboration.

See more of Rylsee's work at his website and instagram

Now for the real questions.

To set the scene...There's a heatwave in Berlin. Rylsee and I are chilling barefoot on the temporary beach that was built for our Greetings from Nowhere Pop Up store. 

Rylsee has a list of questions saved in his phone that he likes to ask people when he's out and about. So we thought it would be fun to turn the tables around, and make the interviewer into the interviewee.

Sarina: What is the last thing you regret not buying?

Rylsee: A pair of black sneakers I saw when I was in Washington for Pow Wow DC. I found them in Berlin again, but they were double the price.

Sarina: What is your favourite bad smell to smell?

Rylsee: My socks after a skate session. I like bad smells...I just really like smells in general.

Sarina: What are you browsing while you're pooping?

Rylsee: Instagram. And I answer my emails.

Sarina: If you were a dessert, which would you be?

Rylsee: A Swiss popsicle called Winnetou

Sarina: What is the last time you wished cmnd-Z would exist in real life?

Rylsee: So many times. I wish this could be my superpower.

Sarina: If you could instantly get another skill in exchange of your best skill, which one would it be.

Rylsee: Rapping

Sarina: If you were an animal, what sound would you make?

Rylsee: "SNEEER!" - Refer to the last 2 seconds of our Greetings from Nowhere Campaign video.

Sarina: (Apart from your partner) Who was the last person to see your genitals?

Rylsee: My neighbours across the road (every morning).

Sarina: Which 3 items do you always buy at the supermarket?

Rylsee: 1. Eggs 2. Cheese 3. Mushrooms