We have the pleasure to introduce our first ever SNEEER Brand Ambassador:CATNAPP

CATNAPP is a singer/rapper, DJ and producer. 

Keep scrolling to read more about her journey, her current projects and our collaborations.

She has been a vocal advocate for SNEEER since meeting Rylsee and has become a central character in the SNEEER extended family. 

1.         Please introduce yourself and your passion project.

 My name is Amparo, I’m based in Berlin originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I make music under the alias Catnapp.

Catnapp's musical style can be described as "combining R&B, rap, breakbeat, pop, drum and bass and other genres resulting in an intense and nostalgic atmosphere with heavy beats. In her lyrics she speaks about love, anger and hate, but also her fear, darkness and nightmarish experiences. Her music can go from the simplest 4/4 beats to a broken experimental percussion with deep, huge pads and synths, resulting in a unique and original sound."

2.         When was the turning point that you decided you were going to make a living out of your passion?

I always made music and wanted to keep on making it in the future, but I guess I truly realised I wanted to pursue a professional career when I was 18. I was about to finish high-school and currently in one of these trips you make with the school in the last school year (we call it “Viaje de Egresados”). We were inside a club and I just suddenly realised that was what I wanted to do. I remember the moment precisely because of how random it was.

Photo by Luciana Damiao 

Styling by Mayte Stevani 

3.         What is your routine before getting into the creative process?

Wake up, make a coffee, drink it, get hyper, get distracted, make a tea to calm down, get hungry, cook, eat, get sleepy, drink another coffee, 20 min power nap, wake up, and maybe finally make the track.

4.         What are some of the projects you’re currently working on?

Im working on a new album as well as several music videos, and preparing for my upcoming tour starting on the 19.2 alongside Modeselektor for their new album presentation through Europe.

Then I’m performing for the first time in the USA at SXSW Festival, and after that I´ll travel to Argentina to play at Lollapalooza. Will return in April and continue touring through Europe.

Since moving to Berlin, Catnapp has played at impressive venues in Germany such as Berghain, Boiler Room Berlin and Fusion Festival...

She was signed up by Monkeytown Records in 2018 and has released two EP's through them: "Fear" and "No Cover". 

Additionally to her own musical career, Catnapp also has her own label, NAPP RECORDS . She founded it in 2017, to which she has so far signed up John Debt, Dmitrievna, and FFX.

5.         How did you meet Rylsee?

Ever since I arrived in Berlin 4 years ago, I saw his Too Shy To Rap stickers  EVERYWHERE and thought they were very cool. Then I think the first time I was performing at Urban Spree he approached me after the show, said he liked my music very much, and gave me one of his stickers. boom. It was great to meet the creator! I always thought he was a rapper, or musician or something similar, But he was not, exactly as he was explaining with his 3.000.000 stickers. 

6.         Why did you agree to become a SNEEER Ambassador?

 Why wouldn’t I! I love to have the chance to collaborate and join forces with friends, people I admire, and projects I believe in. Sneeer checks all of the boxes.

Photo by Somoscalcio

Catnapp is the Ambassador whom SNEEER has done the most work with. This journey began after they met at 'Girls Live' at Urban Spree. The friendship expanded into collaboration when Rylsee designed a cat logo for her. 

The cat logo was used in the first SNEEER x Catnapp collaboration which was a beautiful, washed blue  6-Panel dad-cap. 

[See image on left-hand side]

It has since appeared on her first EP "Fear" and a fanny pack made in collaboration with Monkeytown Records. 

We're looking forward to continuing to collaborate and create together in the future.

Catnapp is an indisputably part of the extended SNEEER family, and has been a vocal advocate for the streetwear brand ever since she heard about it.

She can often be spotted wearing SNEEER's Magic S Sweatshirt or Cross Hoodie.

Photos of the EP by Juli Romano for SNEEERClothing

Photos of hipbag by Monkeytown Records

7.         What are your other passions?

Space exploration, and science in general. I´m even thinking about starting a small science study parallel to music. I am super passionate and intrigued by the fact that we have no real clue what the universe is.

8.         Random fun fact 

If you have a watch and you put it closer to the core of the earth, time goes faster. The hands literally move faster. If you move away from the Earth into space, time goes slower. That’s just insane.