Tel-Aviv based street and graffiti artist, muralist, installation maker...

Klone was born in 1983 in Harkov, Ukraine and currently lives and works in Tel-Aviv, Israel. He works in diverse mediums such as painting, murals, video installations, sculpture and more "traditional" street art...

His work is influenced by his childhood emigration from Ukraine to Israel. The practice of tagging and graffiti were a means of tackling the personal challenges to the theme of diaspora. Klone used his mark-making as a means to localise and familiarise to a new 'alien' environment.

Klone's artistic style is instantly recognisable. He combines characters, symbols and regional iconography in a very universally understandable manner. Each piece, be it streetart, installation or video projections is made in relation to the spaces he encounters.

Scroll down to see selected works and to read about his work, inspirations and the mischief he gets up to.

1. Please introduce yourself and your passion project.

Hey, my name is Igor and for many years I'm making work under the name of Klone. I'm that animal that they call artist and I sometimes wonder if animals would agree with the names and definitions we humans gave them.

2. When was the turning point that you decided you were going to make a living out of your passion?

I think the decision made itself when things started happening more, though I feel that it's more like making a living in order to keep on making, so I'm never sure what comes first. 

3. What is your routine before getting into the creative process?

I'm always in a creative process, sometimes the routine should be to shut it down a bit, like dimming the light almost. I have to take breaks from thinking things I want to make, so I travel, go to the beach, explore the city and of course all those activities just add to the creative streak.

4. What are some of the projects you're currently working on?

I just opened my most recent solo show in Hezi Cohen Gallery in Tel Aviv. It's been a huge detour from what I was used to make and took a long time to develop as well as published an extensive monograph I've been working on last year, so for a second I took a break from working on a specific project and just reflecting on that. But of course there's some mural projects in development and new works at the studio. 

Klone's exhibition, 'Certain Letters to an Uncertain Past' finished on 2nd of March 2019.

The pieces exhibited were all exclusively spray paint on canvas, stemming back from his early days in graffiti and tagging.

To see more images from the exhibition click on the photograph below.

Klone's exhibition "Letters from a certain future to an uncertain past" at Hezi Cohen Gallery in Tel Aviv 2019


Klone's monograph brings together selected exhibitions, murals, installations, and other projects from the past seven years.
It was published in 2018 with Hell No Publication in Tel Aviv.

Klone is also the the curator as well as publisher of Nephilim Magazine, a visual publication from Tel Aviv with other guest co-curators.



"Forever following your own tail/escaping yourself" Tel Aviv 

5. How did you meet Rylsee?

We met in Berlin years ago when I had the opportunity to invite people over to paint the pillars of Urban Spree that was just about to open. Later on we connected more and something clicked on, its probably our mutual love for some mischief.

Klone was actually the first artist to ever exhibit at Urban Spree Gallery back in the summer of 2012.

He returned to Berlin and Urban Spree in 2016 for his solo exhibition called "Everything is Happening" .

6. When did you first hear about SNEEER?

Rylsee was sleep talking about it when he was staying over at my place in Tel Aviv a few years ago.

As aforementioned, Klone and Rylsee both have a tendency for mischief and exploring fenced away locations.

When Rylsee was in Tel Aviv in 2014, Klone took him along for some nighttime painting at the Ayalon river during the dry season. 

7. Why did you agree to become a SNEEER Ambassador?

Because I love it when my friends create good things and I see myself as part of the family already.

8. What are your other passions?

I like good food and exploring fenced away locations.

Klone is very present all over Tel Aviv's landscape, fenced away or not.

From surprising and hard to reach spaces, Ayalon River in Tel Aviv must be one of the most unexpected and hard to reach spots, where you can find his 'Rat Race' piece.

Klone's and Rylsee's stop-motion collaboration 'DON'T SLEEP' 2016

Rat Race. Tel Aviv 2015 (Photo by Ilan Goren )

9. Random fun fact

I learned to cycle at age of 27, boring fact but I'm having even more fun since.

Klone has an ongoing exhibition called 'The Be(Longing)' at Urban Spree Gallery.

'After a decade exploring the medium of paper, "The be(Longing)" marks the return of the artist to the medium of canvas. Bringing his spray can technique of shadows and gradients to perfection, Klone paints monochrome compositions where the matter of the canvas blends into geometric shapes and abstract landscapes.' 

His third solo-exhibition is running until 04.08.2019, opening hours Tuesday-Sunday from 12:00 - 19:00 ! Make sure to check it out if you're in Berlin!

Pictures by Claire Perilhou

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