Graffiti artist, illustrator, painter, collager, photographer...

1.         Please introduce yourself and your passion project.

Hi! My name is Adriano Cinelli AKA Onio. I was born in Brasilia and currently live in São Paulo for 9 years. I'm a visual artist that transits in painting, illustration, graffiti, collage, photography and other art forms. My passion project is to express myself doing all things above and making this my life.

Through a process of obsessive and repetitive drawing, Onio produces organic tubes, machines of the impossible and references to urban agglomerations. He explores a variety of colours with line drawing to create abstract, organic and figurative shapes and forms. Onio calls this style 'infinitography'.

His influences range from cartoons, graphic novels and traditional graffiti writing from the streets.

He has a similarly experimental approach to his colourful collages, mixing materials and techniques to attain new aesthetics.

Onio calls his collages 'rawcuts', exploring various elements of composition, applied equally in creating their complex graphic entanglement.

The construction of the parts are given by the deconstruction of the elements, where cutouts and textures are assembled randomly and intuitively. Onio uses his graphic mapping technique in the creation of images and visual pollution of parts overlapping layers, forming abstract and unique compositions.

2.         When was the turning point that you decided you were going to make a living out of your passion?

Well my background was in the design area and I started working in companies but always producing as an independent artist parallel to my work, and I started to see that I could live only from my art-work. So I could say goodbye to my bosses, and this was a step of independence and incredible personal achievement, and ever since I've lived as an independent artist, my most important goal in life. 

3.         What is your routine before getting into the creative process?

I believe that to be productive you need a few hours for yourself first, then I wake up, I do ordinary things like breakfast, if it's sunny I put my chair in the yard and get sun for 20 minutes, I see things on the internet about art, politics, music and other topics that interest me, I listen to a lot of music during this time and then I come to the studio and when I get here I prepare my table, I see what I'm going to do, I prepare a joint and I start and work

Onio in his studio

4.         What are some of the projects you’re currently working on?

I am always producing art randomly in the studio and this production will be material for some expo in the future.

I'm still programming the actions of the year but now I and my studio mates are preparing a series of events in our space that will be Tattoo Flash Day, and Zines and printed art fair and also exhibitions.

The Flash Tattoo day took place on April 13th at the studio of the Autivistas Collective , with the support of various tattoo artists from Brazil. The concept of the event was to invite visual artists who also make tattoos in a particular, weird or "trash" tattoo style.

The other official members of the collective are Lelo , DERLON and Gustavo Amaral, who he also shares a studio with.

5.         How did you meet Rylsee?

I met Rylsee by a close friend in São Paulo in 2011, when he came here to do an exhibition after which we became good friends (i love this guy) 

Since meeting in Sao Paulo back in 2011, Onio and Rylsee have remained friends.

Back in 2016, Onio presented a double solo show with Sosek at Urban Spree and got to spend a large part of the summer in Berlin. 

6.         When did you first hear about SNEEER?

Sneer used to be Cyril’s nickname for graffiti and this was the first time I heard about that name, and never imagined that it would become a clothing brand 

Rylsee aka Sneer & Onio, Berlin 2014

7.         Why did you agree to become a SNEEER Ambassador?

I accepted first for being a great friend of Cyril and for identifying me with the brand and also because I want to contribute in some way for the brand to grow and be successful.

8.         What are your other passions?

Riding bikes, traveling, electronic music, dogs, my family, my friends, beach, nature, food, beer :)

9.         Random fun fact 

Using Cyril’s studio to take a rest between a 30 hours Berghain marathon 

What SNEEER found to be a random fact is that both Onio and Rylsee are left-handed.