La Colère

Swiss electro artist and music producer

La Colère (Anger in French) is a young Swiss artist who seeks to conquer the listener in a place where boundaries don’t exist.

She’s been passionate about music since her childhood and influenced by several different musical styles and immersed herself into electronic music around 4 years ago.

She is strongly impacted by Canadian and Scandinavian influences and enjoys combining elements of hip-hop and jazz.

Through a musical rhythm combined with authentic and deep emotions, La Colère invites you into a universe filled with sensitivity.

On top of being a musician, she is also a film-producer and motion designer. 

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1. Please introduce yourself and your passion project.

I'm La Colère, electro artist from Switzerland.

I'm passionate about music since my childhood, I started expressing myself with rhythm and sound before I could speak. I've been learning different kinds of musical styles since I'm five 5 years old. At that point it just happened as I was tired of learning other people's songs and wanted to practise mine. Around four years ago I got immersed into electro through a solo project.

My first concert in 2017 was a culmination point which materialised my desire to share my music.

Caribana Festival 2018. Photo by Jo Simoes

2. When was the turning point that you decided you were going to make a living out of your passion?

When I played at the Audio Club alongside Darius in 2017. He is one of my favourite artists and meeting him was surreal.

Also, my first big gig at the Caribana Festival in Switzerland in 2018. I felt like a child and thought

"Ok, this is becoming real now."

Her gigs at Audio Club and Caribana festival were La Colère's highlights of her electronic music career so far.. In addition to these, she kept very busy throughout 2017: her first concert at "Foound" Concept Store in Geneva, followed by a gig at "Dress and Die" in Geneva, "Châteaux Sonic" festival in France and "Krake" Festival... 

3. What is your routine before getting into the creative process?

I don't really know, inspiration can hit me anywhere and anytime when I'm distracted.. Mostly and often when I'm in the nature or travelling. 

I think nature is the most beautiful creator, I love hearing every kind of sound and emotion it has to offer. 
I try to express the emotion I feel at the moment, at a point of my life or a place I'm in; and communicate this purely with a sound.

When listening to La Colère's music, it is obvious that her music is loaded with a lot of emotions and sensitivity. 

4. What are some of the projects you're currently working on?

I produced and released my first EP last November. 

I'm now working on a new live set and also thinking about my first album. 

In her own words, her first EP was inspired by

"The emotions that have been going through me over the past four years. Beautiful moments as well as the most challenging ones. On the invisible borders that we sometimes impose on ourselves. Creating a universe that everyone is free to interpret in their own way. As we are all different and united, let us not remain on the surface of things." 

She was recently selected to be among the 15 artists taking part of the Demotape Clinic contest for M4MUSIC festival in Zürich 14th to the 16th of March!

She won the Demo of the Year the category of 'Electronic Music' !

Check out La Colère's EP 'Surface' by clicking the image below.

Photo by La Colère, 

5. How did you meet Rylsee?

I met him at the Swiss School of Art, we were in the same graphic design class. 
It was a lot of fun, he would always bring a lot of energy and movement when we had a boring class or teacher... :)

6. When did you first hear about SNEEER?

After school I continued to follow Rylsee, his evolution and his projects.. So since the beginning :)

La Colère has been a supporter of SNEEER from the very start, being one of our very first customers.

 7. Why did you agree to become a SNEEER Ambassador?

I feel that we have the same mojo with SNEEER.

We share an understanding of how important it is to follow your passion in life and work hard at it.

Not being afraid to fall, to try, to fail and to learn...

All these experiences push us to develop, progress and renew ourselves.

Our need to create is such a vital part of who we are and we are ever so lucky to be able to share it.

We can just sit back and snee(e)r at the ones who believe the contrary ;)

La Colère in her home studio.

8. What are your other passions?

Video production, food, surf and nature!

9. Random fun fact

I love ham croissants and cheesy smiles.

We're very proud to have La Colère onboard and as a SNEEER Ambassador.

We're looking forward to seeing and hearing what she's got in store for the future :) 

To immerse yourself into La Colère's world :