Sneeer is a project founded by the artist Rylsee and his brother. After having spent years mastering different art mediums including drawing, painting, typography, installation and sculpture, Rylsee has pulled them cohesively together for his new project "Sneeer."  His humor, wit, observations, friendliness and yet simplistically in-depth daily thoughts have been developed into aesthetics fashion.

Rylsee's notions have influenced, engaged and bonded people from different cultures and lifestyles for over a decade. "Sneeer" is something we can all finally wear; sharing smiles and attentive insights with family and friends. The art is a combination reflecting on love and the essential need to discover the unknown with humor. It serves a purpose to make us appreciate everything that is around us.  A commonplace where you don’t have to follow trends, but just follow your smile.

"Sneeer" is the new color for your life's brush.  ;)



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