Meet the artist behind SNEEER.

Rylsee aka Cyril Vouilloz is a Swiss artist who specialises in typography, murals and graffiti. His work is self described as "Awkward and goofy-looking, but with thought behind it".

Get to know the left-handed artist who is (still) Too Shy To Rap.

Step inside SNEEER HQ and discover where the magic happens.

Based in Berlin's iconic Urban Spree gallery, take a look into SNEEER's birthplace which includes; Rylsee's studio, our office and Flagship store.  Urban Spree is a community space, music and arts venue that houses artists from all over the world. 

We consider it to be our playground.

Get it before it’s gone!

Every SNEEER collection is one-season-limited to ensure unique pieces for all of our SNEEERlings.

SNEEER loves to collaborate with other musicians, artists and teams that inspire us.

We like to think of it as an ‘exchange’ of art forms.

It all starts with a pen.

Every SNEEER design is born in Rylsee’s sketchbook and then gets developed into SNEEER gear!

The SNEEER label is the result of a small, dedicated and fun-loving team. Our family includes people from all over the globe and continues to grow as the brand develops

Become a SNEEERling to receive


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